Gals 2 *

No matter where we are, we are one..
Gals 2 * — said Gals Two Star —
This is the place for women to come together, explore our sorority find what we need, and come together LIVE… in-real-life…

Here find information to Guide,  Supply and Thrive.


Exploring and finding self whether asexual, or plural…
Seeking information to know you are not alone.
Finding National resources to help and support your process of discovery…. Our Gal Guides will bring information to you….


As you find your way, you’ll need gear, and stuff.. Whether books, gear for play, camping or a fun weekend out, our Supply surveys assist in picking the best..


Interact with each other… Thrive – LIVE, being human means connecting nose to nose, in-real-life…  Thrive means to live life LIVE… Resources to help locate sisters, from a meal together, to lectures and community events,  to in person up and personal party events…  live… together …. 

Gals 2 – Gals Together – for everything.

Join us, Guide, Supply and Thrive…

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